Make Love Great Again

Make Love Great Again... a phase recently mentioned at a funeral service. So I ask this question, "To make love great again," does it not require a true definition of love? And if so, "Where does one find such a definition?"...

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A Screen Door on a Submarine

Politicians Quoting Bible

Generally speaking when it comes to politicians and their usage of the Bible you can almost with certainly know whatever they say is “eisegesis” and not “exegesis,” and therefore what they’ve said is about as valuable as “a screen door on a submarine.”

Let me explain...

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On Pastors Being Political Activists…

I respect Rev. Franklin Graham, but if in fact he thinks pastors should become political activist, then I must disagree with him. However, if his definition of being a political activist is encouraging other Christians to vote in political elections, then I'm in agreement with him.

In my opinion, Christians need to...

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Made in the Image of God

What does the Bible mean when God reveals that man is made in His Image?

Well, I hope you already know the answer to this question, but just in case you haven’t studied this particular subject, or you rely upon the correct or incorrect knowledge of another person, let me share with you what I believe to be true concerning this matter...

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Here we go again. Focus is back on guns... when will people learn an inanimate object doesn't have "will" let alone "free-will?"

People; kids, teens, adults, seniors.... yes people of all ages have "free-will." They use their free will to be either socially acceptable or socially unacceptable.

I can say objectively...

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Watered-Down Truth: Homosexuality

What has happened to TD Jakes?

Concerning "Homosexuality" what matters is not what the various churches believe or the differences with individuals who are choosing to participate in the sinful activity of homosexuality and what they believe, but what God has written. The Bible is perfectly clear on disobedience that leads to unacceptable and sinful behavior. Jesus is not...

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