Bethel Christian Assembly

Bethel Christian Assembly

5405 West 1st Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80226

(303) 777-2100

History of Bethel

In the Hebrew language, "Bethel" means "House of God." For Jacob in Genesis 28, Bethel was where he met Our Heavenly Father in a different way and submitted to Our Father's Plan and Purpose for his life. Jacob called Bethel the

"Gate of Heaven."

G.W. Belk met his wife Betty at a church in Peoria where they eventually married. They pastored a small church there and finally moved to Denver where they connected with the Radio Prayer League. In 1957 they moved from the church at 37th and Gilpin to a new church building located at 5405 W. 1st Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado. The church was named "Bethel Temple."

In 1970, the Belk family took a sabbatical and moved to Fayette, Missouri. Two years later, in 1972, continuing the call to the ministry, Pastor Belk moved his family back to Denver and established Christian Assembly Church, which is now known as Washington Park Chapel, located at 1001 S. Pearl Street in Denver. There, Pastor and Sister Belk established a mentoring program to help other young men and women prepare and answer the call to the ministry.

Reverend Gary W. Belk, Pastor of Bethel Christian Fellowship, received his theological education from Oklahoma City Southwestern College.  In 1982 Reverend Belk was ordained as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has since served in various positions of leadership with different churches and denominations. His life and ministry is one that reflects both the teachings as well as the affection of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

With a personal touch and in a spirit of love he personally meets people wherever they are in life with the goal of helping them improve their relationship with God, themselves, and others.

Ultimately he promotes a personal relationship (not religion) with God through His Son, Jesus Christ and a lifestyle enabled by the Holy Spirit that results in bringing peace to self and others as well as praise, honor and glory to God.

In 2010, Reverend Gary Belk returned home to Bethel with his wife Danette,

where he continues to pastor the congregation of Bethel Christian Fellowship

in the same building that his father, G. W. Belk, founded back in 1957.

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